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Great Wall Motor parts to expand cooperation in the global brewing technology breakthrough-glow plug,spark plug

At 5:00 p.m. on July 22, Great Wall Motor (HK.2333) in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange issued "notice of profitable growth": As of June 30, the first half consolidated profit rose 80%, mainly due to Group Auto Sales increased.

    Go upward to break the plight of its own brand, earlier this year, the Great Wall and established high-tech equipment designed to support high-performance, high-quality products to create a "three-high strategy", and widely with the world's top auto parts company to carry out comprehensive cooperation .

    This year, the Great Wall met with Ricardo, Germany Mahler, Brose, and the Swedish Autoliv, the world's top component manufacturers signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

    Technology for quality

    July 6, Great Wall and the world's largest "car occupant protection systems" manufacturers - Sweden, Autoliv has signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, both sides will have airbags, seat belts and other products on the basis of cooperation, strengthening the integration of active and passive safety and control systems for technical exchange.

    For the industry that "self-brand and cross-border suppliers, what is good or bad" question, Great Wall Motor spokesman jade your business, "said co-operation must be the 'principal', supply of products own independent intellectual property rights, in the process of cooperation and learn to master the leading technology for our use. Wei army that the car key sources of corruption, starting from the parts, 'where the child' than the 'face' important cooperation with the international giants want the best technology, of course, have a mutual interest, can be a win-win, or else people will not give white. "

    "Great Wall of short-term goal is that by 2015, the product quality to meet international quality Ersan Liu brands, such as the quality of American cars, so, very much like the Great Wall vehicles such as Valeo's international well-known companies to support our goals . "Wei army that technological upgrading is not only a guarantee of product quality, but also for enhancing profits, increased efficiency is also important. Great car for the future development, the goal is not only sales, but the continued development and sustained profitability.

    "Great Wall Motor's growth rate looks like slower than other brands, we believe that the Great Wall is actually very good quality of development we are hot in the market when the quality is not ignored, instead of selling when the market slows down better over the years the Great Wall adhere to the concept of the pursuit of quality, now get a significant return. "Wei army said that in the domestic brands, the conservative attitude of the Great Wall, this year, this market environment, but also showing a strong meaning. In the first half of this year, many automobile brand sales declined in the case, Great Wall can still maintain 40% growth over the years is due to the pursuit of quality concept.

    It is reported that for the realization of "three high strategy", the Great Wall will be in the "five" independent R & D investment increased during the next five years plans to invest 5.0 billion, in the idea of ​​global resources, the increase cooperation with international leading technology companies, and strive to stabilize the technology, "autonomy" trump card.

    Leading independent car prices

    China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show auto production and sales data: the first half of this year, domestic car sales totaled 9,325,200, up slightly by 3.35%, 7.1103 million passenger cars, up by 5.73%. Great Wall Motor, which in the first half sales of 238,400 total, an increase of up to 39.9%, far exceeding the industry growth rate, as the highest increment, the fastest growing brands.

    According to statistics, in the pickup area, the wind first half sales reached 59,910 units Chun pickup, an increase of 23.4%, accounting for 1 / 3 of the pickup truck market share. Hover SUV is also the first half of sales 77,000, an increase of 8.6%, to become the best-selling brand on the market segment one. Car, the Tengyi series in the first half sales 101,100, up 100%. Tengyi C30 which is the main contributor to the market only a year in sales exceeded 13 million units, sales of share in the first half of this year is accounted for 70% of Tengyi car.

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