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Johnson Controls third quarter of this fiscal year, revenue increased 21%-glow plug,spark plug

In late July 2011, Johnson Controls announced the third quarter of fiscal year 2011 sales data, up 21 percent over last year, reaching $ 10.4 billion.

     It is reported that Johnson Controls overwhelmed by its three businesses achieved double-digit percentage revenue growth. Business income of $ 512 million, and net income of $ 357 million, earnings per share after depletion (DilutedEarningsPerShare) $ 0.52. The statistics included $ 29 million in non-regular (Non-recurring) pre-tax charge, equivalent to $ 0.04 per share.

     Excluding non-recurring items, the third-quarter sales of $ 10.4 billion, compared with fiscal 2010 third quarter turnover of $ 8.5 billion increased 21%. Business income of $ 541 million over last year's $ 496 million increased 9%. Net profit from last year's $ 367 million increased 4 percent to 3.83 billion U.S. dollars. At this point, after depletion of $ 0.56 per share, compared with last year's $ 054 million increase.

     Johnson Controls chairman and CEO StephenA.Roell said, the quarterly data only created a new high, and is the seventh consecutive quarter of double-digit percentage growth. The company also said that the earthquake in Japan in March this year, the automotive supply chain block, to bring about $ 400 million loss.

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