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Geely made ​;​;or will come out first DSI transmission models equipped with SC7-glow plug,spark plug

Since the 2009 acquisition of DSI transmission Geely has more than two years. Acquisition from the moment the dust settles, Geely DSI transmission into domestic projects on the construction of a full swing. After two years of absorption and run Geely finally celebrated its first domestic 6AT transmission. It is said that this 6AT transmission or August this year, is expected to carry the first car in England's SC7 models.

    It is learned from the implementation of strategic transformation in 2007 has been lucky to try to break the cycle of the traditional price advantage to the technical advantages onrush. In order to improve the product's core competitiveness, accelerate innovation, the most effective way is to carry out international cooperation to achieve global strategic transformation. As we all know, the key components of development has been restricting the development of the domestic auto industry technical bottleneck. Therefore, only the key components in the field of technical cooperation in order to really enhance the competitiveness of their products, increase brand influence.

    As one of the key components of the gearbox, especially the automatic transmission, its quality often affect the vehicle's power, economy and comfort performance. The domestic technology development in the field of transmission is somewhat stretched. At the same time, the domestic market in recent years, the demand for automatic transmission expansion. It is this dilemma cast a lucky acquisition of DSI's ambition and drive, then coincides with the 2008 financial crisis, the acquisition will naturally had the final word.

    Geely DSI project site made a total of three, including Xiangtan DSI base as the first plant, expected annual capacity of up to 30 million. The other two were $ 1.6 billion investment in factories and Jining, Shandong, Chongqing Tongliang investment of 800 million factory.

    After years of market-proven, DSI 6AT platform, "Lepelletier" planetary gear structure and multi-plate wet clutch, brake, clutch control the use of fully independent, closed-loop shift control pressure, engine torque control to improve control accuracy and shifting comfort sex; better performance while using the low speed of the shock absorber lock locking and friction plate and the drive shaft through the optimization of the design, reduce clutch drag torque, making the transmission to achieve higher efficiency. Its products include series and the former front transverse 6ATF longitudinal 6ATR series range of products to match different models. It is learned about the main gearbox off the assembly line 6AT Geely Group for all 1.8L models. Anticipated in the near future, DSI company's automatic transmission is expected to cover all of Geely's models.

    SC7 as England's best-selling model, with spacious and comfortable driving experience in the domestic sedan market place. While SC7 1.5 and 1.8L models, including two displacement models, matching with the possibility of transmission with the 6AT. Can think and see, with SC7 influence Geely 6AT transmission can not only learn after the listing of the response, while other models can match its auspicious to provide more experience, this option can be described as meaningful.

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