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Global recall of 200,000 vehicles Honda defects due to engine bolts-glow plug,spark plug

Honda Motor Company recently announced that due to defective parts of the vehicle engine, the company will recall about worldwide 200,000 vehicles.

     Honda said the recall involved 50,100 Japanese market, mainly related to models for the Stream, Civic (Civic) and the Crossroad, the recall of vehicle production in August 2008 of July 2010.

     In addition, Honda Motor Co. spokeswoman said the recall involves the market outside of Japan, 15 million units, 100,000 of which the South American market, European market, 6800.

     Honda Motor Co., said the company would have approved vehicle replacement bolts engine problems in cold weather, the engine bolts may fail, in extreme cases can cause the engine suddenly stalled.

     It is understood that Honda has received 63 clients from Japan defective parts caused by engine failure on the complaint, but did not cause safety accidents.

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