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Bosch $ 530 million to build photovoltaic technology center is completed-glow plug,spark plug

July 22, 2011, Bosch announced that its cost of $ 530 million to build the photovoltaic technology (Photovoltaics) centers completed in Arnstadt, Germany opened. The center set of solar business headquarters, research and development center, PV cell and module production and training center in one role.

     It is reported that, after more than two years after construction of the building, plant and related construction area covering a total of 382,000 square meters. Bosch 2012, the center will provide about 1,000 new jobs only in terms of this year, of which there are 600 positions will be on the line. New R & D center will employ 120 assistants, is responsible for developing new products ready for series production. In addition, the simultaneous training of 150 new training center will be on September 1 this year, put into operation.

     Arnstadt research centers and factories but the Bosch Group in the photovoltaic field one of the three most important investment, the company is building the other components in France V¨¦nissieux production plant is scheduled for early 2012 production run; end of this year, the company will Penang, Malaysia Penang state BatuKawan city to build a vertically integrated PV production facility, expected to cost 520 million euros.

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