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China's auto parts supply system needs to establish independent-glow plug,spark plug

Reporters are being held at the Eighth China (Changchun) International Automobile Fair that, whether it is imported luxury cars, a joint venture or brands, almost no car is produced by an independent company, automobile industry, a high degree of global industrial chain division developed, China is in the "core component of Japan - Chinese form finished products - global marketing" division of labor on the part of the chain.

    Experts believe that China's accession to the WTO auto industry ten years, in some of the core parts, has no real breakthrough in key technologies outside the control of Japan and other developed countries rely on the core technology to grab the largest part of the interests of the industry chain, and our system remains independent of the parts not really established. Suggested that future should be based on independent research and development, starting with technical breakthroughs, while continuing to improve the domestic division of labor around the layout, and strive to build China's own early parts supply system, upgrade the core of China's automobile industry competitiveness.

    - Changchun Qi Bohui: many companies talk about the localization of auto parts

    "We have 5% of the parts are imported from Japan, such as engines, transmissions in the core components, as well as electronic control systems." Dongfeng Honda Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. Tiancheng Jie Li Qiang, sales manager, said the vast domestic Most manufacturers have a lack of R & D capabilities, the so-called assembly line production line is actually the most central thing is to rely on foreign providers.

    Qi Bohui, the Changchun City Huayang Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., said sales manager for Sun Xiaotao Audi A4L, A6L, Q5 several models, 70% of the parts are made, such as glass, tires, sheet metal, etc.; and engine, gearbox, ESP and other components are imported from Germany over. "Now the localization of imported auto parts is a trend, in fact, things are the same, will not be imported because it is like, made bad fact visited the German public will find that this head we FAW-Volkswagen more scale. "he said.

    For other models, whether domestic, Sun Xiaotao said, if you want to localization, the cost will be high. "Arrangement of a car production line, at least two years. Cloth finished, this model must be based on domestic production in order to recover the costs it consumed the human and material resources are particularly large, so many models can not be made of now to see more exclusive models are limited edition, for example, A8L, Q7, our annual sales in only ten to twenty units, and Changchun, a total of three dealers, one year less than a total of 100 units are sold If the layout did not justify the cost of production. "

    Changchun Dachang Triangle Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager White Dragon said, the show of the Touareg, is still cool and other models, the basic components are imported. "While some of origin is China, but the original parts are over due to higher than the mass market holdings, compared with the same level of imported cars, the cost of imported components is relatively low, the cost is better."

    Great Wall Motor Company Limited Power Research Institute experimental prototype of the Ministry of Science Hanmeng Yang told reporters, mainstream brands on the market used vehicles, whether as a core component of independent research and development, the localization rate of parts and components are high. H5 petrol version as the Great Wall, now with the Mitsubishi engine technology 4G63S4M engine, the main components such as cylinder block and head are all on their own production or by domestic parts manufacturers; Wall H5 diesel version uses self-developed GW4D20 diesel engines, electronically controlled high pressure common rail diesel system is provided by the American Delphi, but the other major components are self-production.

    Reporters learned from the FAW Pavilion, Pentium B70 catalytic reactor, bumpers, etc. are imported, and some other parts localization rate is increasing. In recent years, rapid development of China's auto industry, automotive industry, increasing government investment in research and development. Auto parts industry to grow driven by increasing demand amplification. Reporters learned in Qi Bohui, although most of the automotive core parts are imported, but efforts are increasing our research and development, and strive to create their own high-tech automotive core parts.

    - High dependence on foreign industries are weak resistance to external interference

    Experts believe that China's automotive industry today, although car sales has become the world superpower, but from a technical perspective, foreign dependence is still high; from the industrial layout, the domestic autonomy of the industrial chain system has not been fully established, once the the international market with signs of trouble, immediately in the domestic automotive industry has clearly demonstrated.

    In the first half of the Japanese earthquake, for example, Jilin Academy of Social Sciences said experts Jun Jiang analysis, the Japanese car market in China accounts for about 30%, now including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki and other brands, the localization rate of low-end brand higher, such as the Suzuki series, almost all parts have been localized. But the series of high-end cars such as the number of imports is still relatively large, such as the production of FAW Mazda, the current engine is still produced in Japan. He said: "These companies are generally in the country to minimize the inventory backlog, leaving two weeks of inventory generally has been considered more, and some Japanese parts enterprises stop production after the earthquake, the direct impact of China's automobile production."

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