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Honda recalls 200,000 vehicles worldwide that do not involve the Chinese market-glow plug,spark plug

Japanese car maker Honda Motor Co. 25, announced the worldwide recall of 200,000 vehicles because of engine parts defects. Honda head of China-related telephone interview with reporters yesterday, made ​​clear that this recall does not affect the Chinese market.

     Honda China yesterday sent reporters an e-mail this to a specific explanation is given: "The recall involves the parts are not manufactured in China and imported vehicle models equipped with the Chinese, and not for maintenance supply parts to China, does not involve the recall. "

     Honda recognizes the cause parts of Japan received 63 defects caused by engine failure owner complaints involving "the rhyme" (Stream), "Civic" (Civic) and sport utility vehicles Crossroad three models. Recall of vehicles from July 2008 to July 2010 in Japan factory.

     Honda said it would replace the engine cooling system failure may cause parts, which may ultimately cause engine flameout reasons. However, Honda also said the flaw did not lead to accidents.

     "Globally, Honda is recalling about 200,000 ... ... to recall the reasons are similar," Honda spokesman said, in addition to the recall of about 50,000 in Japan, Honda will recall 100,000 in South America, in European recall 6800. The rest of the recall is expected to occur in the Middle East and Africa.

     Japanese car prices 25-to-date production data, shows Honda recover after the earthquake rate inferior to domestic competitors. Honda June global output down 44.5% year on year to 168,000, a decline of only 50.4% in May compared with a slight recovery. Meanwhile, Honda June sales in Japan fell nearly 36 percent decline in exports over 60%. May these two figures is almost flat.

     This performance even better than smaller competitors, such as Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki produced 197,000 vehicles in June, down 15%. Suzuki total output of the first half of this year, 1.36 million, more than Honda's 1.3 million.

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